Jupiter in Astrology

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Basics about the planet

As we all know there are 9 planets in the solar system and Jupiter is considered the biggest.

It’s bigger size is because of the dust and the gases present there in such large quantity.

Jupiter’s mass is around 300 times that of Earth and its diameter is 1,40,000 km which is about 11 times the Earth’s diameter.

Jupiter’s great Red Spot

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It is located in southern hemisphere of the planet. It is a persistent high pressure region producing anticyclonic storm.

Understanding Jupiter from the viewpoint of Vedic Astrology

Jupiter is considered as the most powerful planet of all in vedic astrology. The professions which are related to Jupiter are- teacher, lawyer, consultant, coach. Doctors are also related to it. In simple terms the persons who have the capacity to give a perfect solution to the problem are taken into consideration with this planet and these professions are well knownn for providing the solution to any problem.

Jupiter is considered as best of all the planets (in hindi we can say shubh se bhi shubh grah). It has 3 sights- 3,7,9 and lord of 2 rashis ( Saggitarius and Pisces).

Position in all 12 houses

Jupiter in 1st house

Jupiter is said to cover or rule almost 11 houses out of the total 12 houses in the birth chart. So if it alone is strong in your birth chart, it covers most of the things itself. And if it is the chart depicts weak Jupiter then you have to struggle a lot.

So it is considered to have Jupiter in a strong position in the chart. Jupiter is the sign of growth, money , environment. It plays a vital role in making marriages happen otherwise usually you see marriages get stuck due to some or the other reason.

Jupiter in 2nd house

Second house represents your house and it tells that the person will get good manners from his family. Income here is earned by doing good deeds. They will speak less but whenever they will speak they will speak knowledge. Person will be very good speaker.

Income will be earned through doing consultations, becoming mediators, teaching. You will be very choosy regarding food and only eat selected food and not the one which will harm the body.

Jupiter in 3rd house

This house jupter is considered very good orator. Enemy planet become more active in this house and lower the power of good planets a little bit but the effect of good planet is still visible. Because jupiter is looking into the 9 th house and will make the income earn through communication, software, consultancy.

It will also make the person spiritual and would love to go to religious place for a travel. The person here can be very good writer but if they write , it will be related to knowledge ,spirituality, self help, personality development, philosophy. Also he will have to take care of his younger siblings.

Jupiter in 4th House

When jupiter is present in the 4th house then the person is mostly involved in material pleasure. Jupiter is seeing 10th house from here. Person will be surrounded by the high level government officials or in other words he will have good bonding with them.

Teaching, consultancy can be their profession. They will have ample properties. Jupiter when sees the 10th house, the person will spend money in good deeds and when sees the 8th house it increases the occult. Person’s interest’s will be towards concentration.

Jupiter in 5th House

It indicates sharp intellect. Here the person will be like – “you don’t take tension , just give me the money and I will manage everything”. Profession will be -education, public administration, history, arts. Your born child will bring fortune for you.

Jupiter in 6th House

Here Jupiter is considered good for money making. 6th house is meant for the court cases but since jupiter is in this house then the person will have very less chances of him being getting stuck in those cases. This house jupiter can cause liver and kidney related problems.

Jupiter in 7th House

Here wife will be very understanding. She will be from a good and rich family.Public life will dominate over the personal life. So the male person will not be able to give that much time to his wife and his mosstly time will be gone in public surroundings. the person be be a public figure so his public life will be big and less time would be given to his family.

7th house jupiter is very favourable for partnership as the person who has jupiter in this house,he will understand the feelings of his partner very well. the marriages get delayed here but is considered stable for longer period of time.

Jupiter in 8th House

This house is considered for “Age”. Jupiter sitting in this house will increase your age. If a person dies then his death will be sudden. For example if is caught with a disease then operation will take place and he dies suddenly. So everything happens quickly and person did not have to suffer for long.8th house jupiter can be Moksha oriented.

He gets paternal property and money and his self efforts will also earn him money gradually. Relations with his wife’s house will be good but decision making can be on the poor side.That is why it is said this jupiter takes away the wisdom.

Jupiter in 9th House

This house jupiter will make the person fond of travelling to religious places. Very good speaker and sharp intellect. Will make the relation with father good.Since 9th house is the house of learning. So throughout their life they are interested in learning something new.

9th house jupiter if not present in good state, then it can lead to loss of father. The person will get more name and fame than his father.

Jupiter in 10th House

People here do not want to compromise with anything and are strict with their work and laws. So working with them is not easy. He will do every work in ethical way. He will have all kind of prosperity in his life- wealth, land, cars, houses etc.

Jupiter when seeing 2 nd house from here, the person will save money. Whenver Jupiter sees the 6th house, it is said those people have fast rotation of money. It is advised if you ever get a chance to work with such people then definitely work with them as it is will help you. Jupiter sitting in 10th house generally is not considered good.

It is simple understanding that whatever things is not liked by your Guru (here jupiter), you should at most avoid it. Example- Never ever we have seen we offering nov veg to any god.

Jupiter in 11 th House

Income through good source. Income here increases gradually. And flow of income will remain there. This house jupiter is considered very good positon for marriage. Will help in child birth and chances can be of male child also provided Jupiter is not vakri.

One negative thing about this position is that generally it is seen male members getting involved in extra marital affairs.

Jupiter in 12th House

This position tells that whenever the person will speak anything, he will speak selectively i.e selective with their communication. 12th house jupiter when seeing 4th house, it tells person will invest in property. Generally jupiter is not considered good in this position.

The knowledge is said to have gone in vain and even the person can try to steal other people’s property also.


Jupiter usually is a good planet but at times can be in considered bad also depending upon different factors. Follow the footsteps of your guru if you want to take blessings from him (as simple as that). Respect elders is what your guru always teaches you.

Jupiter as you all know is the biggest in size so it can take you to biggest level in your life. So don’t do any such thing which makes your guru angry.

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